what we do

Better the Chances of Girls around the world

Advocacy is a strong tool in securing funding and influencing policy for change. Achieving our aim of an egalitarian society requires that we campaign aggressively and reach as many people as we can across different socio-demographic groups. 

Social media and all other forms of online and traditional media are our tools for advocacy. The goal for us is not just to advocate for  gender equality and inclusive, quality education; our goal is to advocate and to build advocates for gender equality and quality education.




Education and Empowerment

Achieving a gender equal society means that young girls and women must be trained to be mentally resilient, socially aware, and economically empowered. We believe that it is not  sufficient to only campaign for a gender-equal society, we must also prepare for it. Our pathways for achieving this include:

  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Advocacy
  • Public Speaking

One of the biggest impediments to female empowerment and gender equality are the violations of sexual and reproductive health rights. Our journey to gender equality and quality, all-round education would not be a smooth sail without the attainment of these rights. We aim to provide or at least foster the provision of sexual and reproductive services and facilities that are available, accessible, and of good quality.


Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights